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In this page we present several articles about Attica Ventures and the objective of Venture Capital Funds in Greece.


Investments of 55 million Euro by Attica Ventures
  12/3/2012 Source: Imerisia
Attica Ventures insists on investing
  9/3/2012 Source: Naftemporiki
Candidates for the Award "Manager of the Year" for 2011
  8/3/2012 Source: Status Magazine
Interview with Giannis Papadopoulos, CEO of Attica Ventures: "Greece can take again the leadership"
  21/1/2012 Source: Imerisia
A special recognition for Attica Ventures
  1/1/2012 Source: Economist (Kathimerini)
Interview: Giannis Papadopoulos, CEO of Attica Ventures talks about doing business in Greece and the Mastiha of Chios
  28/12/2012 Source: Vima Men
10+1 Leaders of Business
  9/10/2011 Source: Eleftherotypia
Companies that do not care about the crisis
  6/10/2011 Source: Naftemporiki
EBEA: Awards were given to companies and businessmen of the year
  6/10/2011 Source: TA NEA
Awards from EBEA for innovation and international presence
  6/10/2011 Source: Kathimerini
Annual EBEA Awards: eleven companies were awarded"
  6/10/2011 Source: Imerisia
Giannis Papadopoulos, CEO, Attica Ventures: "The shareholders must prove their faith to their companies"
  8/7/2011 Source:
Attica Ventures: The green color of money
  16/1/2011 Source: Proto Thema
Interview of Giannis Papadopoulos at Proto Thema: "We are continuing to buy Greek SMEs"
  March 2009 Source: Proto Thema
New investments of € 17 million in Greek SMEs
  2009 Source: Economist (Kathimerini)
In Search of Innovation (by Yiannis Papadopoulos)
  September 2006 Source: Economist (Kathimerini)
Doppler: One of the fastest developing companies
  26/07/06 Source: Newspaper Naftemporiki
33% increase in Doppler's sales in the first semester of 2006
  26/07/06 Source: Newspaper Imerisia
Sales and Earnings put Doppler on top
  26/07/06 Source: Newspaper Κerdos
Giannis Papadopoulos' article, Attica Ventures' CEO, in Franchise Business magazine, about the venture capital
Antcor : There are always opportunities
  10/06/2006 Source: Newspaper Ependitis
Event organised by Attica Ventures and Patras Science Park
  10/06/2006 Source: Newspaper Imerisia
Investment of 1 million euros in Antcor from Attica Ventures
  03/06/2006 Source: Newspaper Express
New investment from Attica Ventures
 22/05/2006 Source: NETWEEK Μagazine
Investment of 1 million euros in Advanced Network Technologies
  13/5/2006 Source: NET ECONOMY
Attica Ventures: 1 million euro investment in Antcor
  11/5/2006 Source: Newspaper Naftemporiki
Attica Ventures: Investment of 1 million euros in a broadband communications software company
  11/5/2006 Source: Newspaper Kerdos
Antcor: Worldwide innovation with "Greek heart" in wireless broadband networks
  10/04/06 Source: Economist (Newspaper Kathimerini), April 2006.
Farmers do business and enjoy it
  26/03/2006 Source: Newspaper Proto Thema
Towards a stock market for SMEs
  19/2/2006 Source: Newspaper Eleftherotipia
Towards the creation of the Greek "AIM"
  29/1/2006 Source: Newspaper Ισοτιμία
New Investments from Attica Ventures
  27/1/2006 Source: Newspaper Naftemporiki
New investment of 1 million euros in Doppler
  19/1/2006 Source: Newspaper Naftemporiki
Investment of 1 million euros in Doppler
  19/1/2006 Source: Newspaper Kathimerini
1 million euros investment in Doppler
  19/1/2006 Source: Newspaper Imerisia
Second investment of Attica Ventures in Doppler
  19/1/2006 Source: Newspaper Kerdos
Attica Ventures' second round investment in Doppler
  19/1/2006 Source: Newspaper Express
ECONOMIST: Doppler, Mastiha Shop: innovative SMEs with international orientation
  1/12/2005 Source: ECONOMIST (Newspaper Kathimerini)
Understanding the Greek paradox...
  30/7/2005 Source: Newspaper Imerisia
Zaitech Fund invests in Mastiha Shop
  11/6/2005 Source: Newspaper Isotimia
Attica Ventures is a sponsor in the 6th Venture Capital Forum
  10/06/2005 Source: Newspaper Kerdos
Mediterra: Deal with Attica Ventures
  8/6/2005 Source: Newspaper Naftemporiki
Mastiha Shop enters world market with 1 million euros coming from Attica Bank
  4/6/2005 Source: Newspaper Ependitis
Mastiha shop is the 3rd investment of Attica Ventures
  18/5/2005 Source: Newspaper Express
The investment of Attica Ventures in Mastiha Shop is completed
  18/5/2005 Source: Newspaper Kerdos
Investment of 1 million euros in Mastiha Shop
  18/5/2005 Source: Newspaper Naftemporiki
Investment in Doppler's shareholders capital
  12/5/2005 Source: Newspaper Naftemporiki
Investment of Attica Ventures in Doppler SA
  12/5/2005 Source: Newspaper Kerdos
Attica Ventures' investment in Doppler
  12/5/2005 Source: Newspaper Express
Investment of Attica Ventures in Doppler
  12/5/2005 Source: Newspaper Imerisia
Venture Capital: Gate to Economic Growth
  January 2005 Source: The Economist (Newspaper Kathimerini)
The First Investment in e-Global
  13/1/2005 Source: Newspaper Express
Investment of 1m euros in e-Global
  13/1/2005 Source: Newspaper Kathimerini
The First Investment of Attica Ventures
  13/1/2005 Source: Newspaper Imerisia
Pioneer Initiatives
  20/06/2004 Source: Newspaper Macedonia
A fund that invests in Technology
  June 2004 Source: The Economist (Newspaper Kathimerini)
Issues concerning Venture Capital Funds
  12/06/2004 Source: Newspaper Naftemporiki
Announcement for the 5th Venture Capital Forum
  06/06/2004 Source: Newspaper Vima
Positive environment in Greece for venture capital investments
  01/06/2004 Source: Newspaper Naftemporiki
New Economy Development Fund is working hard
  26/05/2004 Source: Newspaper Naftemporiki
Presentation of Attica Ventures' investment strategy
  April 2004 Source: Plant Management Magazine
Publications in economic and political newspapers about the event and presentation of Attica Ventures:
- Naftemporiki
- Aksia
- Macedonia
- Ta Nea
- Kerdos
- Imerisia
- Express

Giannis Papadopoulos' interview, Attica Ventures' CEO, to GBC Channel, about:
- Bolstering venture capital in the Greek market
- Presentation of Zaitech Fund

  22/04/2004 Source: GBC Channel
Giannis Papadopoulos' interview, Attica Ventures' CEO, to the weekly economic newspaper "Epichiro"
  03/04/2004 Source: EPICHIRO
Venture capital fund from the New Economy Development Fund and Attica Bank
  05/03/2004 Source: NAFTEMPORIKI ON LINE
Attica Bank: Venture capital fund
  04/03/2004 Source: NAFTEMPORIKI ON LINE
ATTICA BANK: New venture capital fund
  04/03/2004 Source: Euro2day
  29/10/03 Source:
ATTICA BANK establishing a venture capital fund
  11/09/2003 Source: EXPRESS.GR
  10/09/2003 Source:

Attica Ventures exits Antcor stake to u-blox AG
Event to mark the tenth anniversary of the founding of Attica Ventures
Significant growth in Attica Ventures' listed investments
Special distinction for Attica Ventures as it wins the ACCI 2011 Increased Employment Award

Zaitech Fund

Attica Bank

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